Holy Mountain

Fünf Fragezeichen mit Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain haben nach dem Debüt „Earth Measures“ gerade ihr zweites Album „Ancient Astronauts“ veröffentlicht. Damit gehen sie auf Tour – und dazu haben Sänger Andy und Drummer Pete unsere Fünf Fragezeichen beantwortet.

GETADDICTED: Give us three keywords to describe your album!
Andy McGlone: Psych Action Fantasy

GETADDICTED: Each recording is usually “the best we’ve ever recorded”. Tell us why these songs are better than everything you did before and better than the rest of the world!
Pete Flett: I wouldn’t necessarily say that this album is ‚better‘ than the previous one, they’re just very different. That said, one way in which I think the songs evolved was due to the whole thing being written together as a three piece, as opposed to „Earth Measures“ where Allan was adding bass parts to songs we had written and been playing for a good 18 months already as a two-piece.
There was also a widening of scope with regards to the production sound we were going for and the studio approaches we used. Paul Savage is a great facilitator of ideas and trying stuff out.

GETADDICTED: There can be only one! Which songs is your favourite on the new album? Give us a short impression of the moment/day/week/year when you wrote the song or developed the idea of that special song!
Pete Flett: For me, the title track is quite special because the majority of the song actually came from a jam Andy and I used to improvise in our set back in our early gigs. I think we found a video online of us playing it at a sound check, and we decided to resurrect it and rework it with our current sound.

GETADDICTED: Describe (in three sentences) why you chose this album title!
Andy McGlone: It’s a ridiculous concept to reflect the ridiculous nature of some of our music!
Time travel plus aliens is cool.
It shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

GETADDICTED: Between which records would your album appear in your CD/LP-Rack?
Andy McGlone: Literally it sits between The Hellacopters and Iron Monkey which is a coincidence because that is also where I would place it metaphorically! But more 70s, hence the time travelling.